November 2016

Paul Harbutt is now included in the permanant collection of drawings at the British Museum London

Oct 2016

Paul Harbutt is pleased to announce the recent inclusion of his

work in the permanent collection of the new

 Museum De Reede Antwerp, Holland.

24 September 2016

Well, today I had news that this painting of mine had been damaged in a fire, at a collectors house in Geneva.  I am not sure yet how bad the damage is but from what I can understand it is covered in black soot!

What a pity it was an early painting that I always liked. It also made me think how your works are much like your children. You work on them constantly whilst they are in the studio, trying to make them perfect, but eventually they leave you. And you just hope they are loved, and fare well in the world at large.

Title. ‘The House of The Poet’ oil on canvas, 57.5 x 49.6 inches (146 x 126 cm), 1988